• ABS Objects

    ABS Object is a ceramics studio founded by Avi Ben Shoshan in Tel Aviv in 2018. Inspired by archaeology, art, design history and traditional craftsmanship, the design has been portrayed in visual art, ceramic, with natural, organic forms, and regional characteristics in the Middle East. It aims to create a dynamic relationship between humans and objects and ceramics that are sustainable and not affected by the flow of time. Manually manufactured ceramics are characterized by natural and uneven shapes through the process of baking clay with materials and painting glaze.

  • AETA

    AETA is a minimalist Japanese bag brand that can be worn of a long time regardless of time.
    AETA has a brand philosophy that cherishes one meeting in Japanese in the sense of "I could meet" and delicately creates free ideas that are not bound to the framework.
    It is a brand that has attracted much attention in the local area with its unique design and high quality products.

  • All Blues

    ALL BLUSE is a jewelery brand launched in Sweden in 2010 by friends Fredrik Nathorst and Jabob Skragge.
    Two directors have chosen their brand name by being inspired by jazz and blues music, which they enjoyed while preparing for the brand's first collection.
    Their high-quality designs are elaborated in handcrafted fashion in the studio that is the third generation in Stockholm, and they are using recycled Stirling Silver and Gold Burmail materials obtained in ethical and eco-friendly ways. Their jewelery, which does not limit gender, is based on unique themes such as animals and food, and presents a design that utilizes simple and neat forms and handcrafted delicacy.

  • Anni Lu

    ANNI LU was founded by Helle Vestergaard Poulsen from Denmark and is a New York-based jewelry brand. All products are handmade and designed with motifs of tropical, pendants, and ancient coins, and a variety of colors and materials are used to create a colorful harmony unique to Annie Lu. She prepares a collection based on the energy and experience gained from traveling to various resorts, so that you can indirectly feel the weather, scenery and atmosphere there through products.

  • A Personal Uniform

    In 2014, SORADA THAIWARANON, a native of Central St. Martin, started A PERSONAL UNIFORM.
    After training at Antwerp and her career at London base brands A.F. Vandevorst and Richard Nicoll, she is developing her own style of design cuts and meticulous variations.
    Not limited in accordance with the seasons and trends, and to release 10 to 15 editions of the work of every four months.

  • Are Studio

    Founded in 2012 by Cecilia Bordarampé, the brand ARE STUDIO is a LA-based Leather specialty brand.
    All of the brand's products are produced at a specialty factory in Los Angeles and are showing a brand-specific emotional product line with minimal and time-released design.
    The unique form, design and material of ARE STUDIO shows the identity of the brand well and attracts many people's attention and popularity.


    It is a stool designed by Italian furniture designer Martino Gamper for the reconstruction of the Arnold Circus area in the heart of Shoreditch, east London, England, in 2004. Martino Gampeno is active in London and has been involved in various projects in cooperation with design and art, including exhibition design and interior design. One of his masterpieces is the Arnold Circus Stool, which means a small Western chair with no backrests and armrests. The Arnold Circus stool, in a variety of colors that seem to remind us of the spectrum of light, made it possible to stack the same type of object in layers in the form of pointed octagonal columns. It is a fun furniture that can be used in various ways, including tables and baskets, depending on how you use it. It is light and moisture-resistant with plastic molding material, so it can be used anywhere without being affected by indoor and outdoor weather.

  • Baserange

    Founded in 2012, Baserange is a basic underwear brand that focuses on clean lines and easy silhouettes based in Denmark and France.
    Baserange works with innovative suppliers to develop and use high-quality materials using natural fibers and recycled fibers.
    They are also producing all products environmentally friendly by eliminating parts that can affect the environment in all processes.


    Founded in 2015 by Karen Kim, BINU BINU is a Toronto-based brand that presents modern reinterpreted soap, incense, and bath accessories inspired by Korean public bath rituals.
    Barley tea is used as the base for all soaps and is made of 100% natural vegetable ingredients and essential oil.
    Various products of BINU BINU made of natural materials such as column-shaped soap and marble and wood, which are made based on the aspect ratio of classic bathroom tiles, harmonize with the modern bathroom space.
    He values daily consciousness, generational bonds, and renewable potential, and expresses her philosophy in the product.

  • Building Block

    BUILDING BLOCK is a design studio founded in 2011 by Los Angeles-based Nancy and Kimberly Wu.
    Inspired by the time-residential bag form that is not influenced by the passage of time, it captures the high quality material pursued by the brand and the sustainable design that can be worn for a long time with modern sensibility.
    The unexcessive unique detail and color show the bag itself as an object, and the beautiful and stereoscopic form adds an artistic feeling to the minimalist design.

  • By Far

    BY FAR is a brand founded by three Bulgarian designers Valentina Bezuhanova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova.
    At the time of establishing the brand, we only carried out the shoe collection, and since then we have expanded the brand by introducing the bag collection.
    Inspired by minimalism from the 1980's to the early 2000's, they express the appearance of independent women sensibly through the design and sophisticated colorway they want to wear.
    Handcraft production methods using Italian leather are gaining popularity all over the world with high quality.


    BLESS is a brand founded in 1997 by Desire Heiss and Ines kaag.
    The design that is not tied to the frame and expresses what they imagine shows the essence of existing products.
    The first work on I-D Magazine, the fur wig ad, was presented at Martin Margiela's 1997 F/W runway, and their creative ideas began to attract attention.
    They have been working on more than 60 projects to date, and they are producing clothing, furniture, and household goods without any specific boundaries between fashion and art.


    The name of BLUE HOUR comes from the first episode of Eric Romer's film 'Four Adventures of Lanet and Mirabelle’. It is a studio that makes weaving, tufting and ceramics based on Seoul. The product using the tufting gun has completed all the processes manually and is the only product that is not reproduced in the same design. Weaving, or ceramics, is used to bring anything visually creative into a natural form.

  • Chacoli


    CLYDE is a hat brand designed by Danny Griffiths of New York Base.
    The classic hat has a sculptural beauty while maintaining a comfortable fit with Italian material.
    Buyers, merchandisers, and house calls are all handmade based on their fashion experiences.
    Unique colors are not only part of style, but are also regarded as a work, and have attracted a lot of attention worldwide.


    COMING OF AGE means 'time to become an adult' and is a brand of New York Base designed by AMANDA LURIE. Inspired by retro futurism, the design is full of playfulness and attractive patterns to capture her own sensibility. The product is packaged using a recycled poly package, and the material of the product is handmade with silk supplied from India and nylon from Japan.

  • Coldframe

    COMING OF AGE means 'time to become an adult' and is a brand of New York Base designed by AMANDA LURIE.
    Inspired by retro futurism, the design is full of playfulness and attractive patterns to capture her own sensibility.
    The product is packaged using a recycled poly package, and the material of the product is handmade with silk supplied from India and nylon from Japan.

  • Dmy by Dmy

    DMY BY DMY is a British sunglasses brand that reinterprets past sunglasses in a modern way.
    The classic silhouette with 1950's cat eye lenses and 1990's micro frame inspired design combine with the current trend to highlight the unique identity of the brand.
    The comfortable, stable fit and Italian acetate-based sunglasses are being worn by Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Priyanka Chopra and are attracting attention in Hollywood, and the chic, modern mood features a creative and independent look unique to the brand.

  • Drogheria Crivellini

    Drogheria Crivellini is an Italian handmade shoe brand that started out as a family business and pursues creativity and sustainability for the environment with craftsmanship. It was re-launched in 2014 by brand creator Roberto Crivellini, showcasing elegant and comfortable shoes in the original form of the traditional shoe "Furlane" in the Free Uri region of Italy. The upper, lining uses a unique natural fabric made by local craftsmen, and the outsole is made by recycling bicycle tire rubber and sewing it carefully by craftsmen's hands.


    ECKHAUS LATTA is a brand based in New York and LA, and was founded in 2011 by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta Duo. They are young labels that are recognized in various fields, from fashion to entertainment to art. The duo, which has combined fashion with several platforms including video and performance, have shown their work at MOMA PS 1, LA Hammer Museum in New York and Whitney Museum in New York. They use materials that break the framework and question the standards of a universal society rather than designing them under the inspiration of a specific theme.


    F.MILLER was first launched in 2014 when it introduced Signature Face Oil, which includes a balanced blend of 22 active plant ingredients formulated to correct all skin types and provide nutrition: It is a product that can lightly layer from the base stage by supplying moisture and nutrition to the skin and body to keep ourselves healthy. It is a Canadian-based skin care brand based on environmental and social consciousness, and continues to brand in a sustainable way from materials to manufacturing and packaging.


    GANNI is a brand launched in 2000 by Ditte Reffstrup, a gallery owner, and Nicolaj Reffstrup, an art expert, on Danish base.
    GANNI, which produces beautiful clothes that you want to wear, suggests a different Nordic style.
    The design, which adds uniqueness to Nordic sensibility, captures the hearts of those who pursue a sophisticated and wearable style, and designs intense colors and signature prints every season, showing a trendy style with a bright atmosphere with luxurious materials and details.

  • Giu Giu

    GIUGIU is a fashion brand that focuses on knitwear founded in New York in 2012 by designer Guiliana Leila.
    He reflects his unique and creative lifestyle in his design with his experience as a knit designer for famous brands such as AlexanderWang and Calvin Klein.
    As a first generation Italian, he was greatly influenced by his grandmother, who was a turtleneck designer while growing up in the United States, and his signature NONNA turtleneck is a modern interpretation based on her turtleneck.
    Inspired design in the past reflects the pleasant humor and different freedom that life must realize regardless of age and gender from a nostalgic point of view.

  • Hai

    HAI is a Chinese character, meaning the sea, and is developing designs based on the experience of Dutch designer Tessa Vermeulen living in Shanghai and the inspiration he has gained from living in London. The sea across Shanghai and London connects the emotions of the two opposing cities, and the brilliant sunshine and free waves of the sea are shown through design. It is a brand that is popular as a point item that is not old or heavy because silk material and newtro color which are gorgeous according to the movement of light meet.

  • Han Kjobenhavn

    Han Kjbbenhavn is a brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded and director Jannik Wikkels David Davidsen in 2008.
    Developed into eyewear, men's clothing, and women's clothing, he boldly takes out his identity and thoughts and actively communicates them with his contemporaries, showing designs of creativity and storytelling.
    Through a new collection that respects individuality rather than following the trend every season, we show diversity in materials and silhouettes.

  • Hernán Herdez

    Hernánrdez is a New York-based jewelry brand, with Melissa Hernández in charge of design and art director.
    To reduce the environmental burden, it is made from handicrafts of local silversmiths using recycled metals, and aims to explore the concept of jewelry as a sculpture.
    The irregular collection of jewelry, inspired by architecture and not influenced by the passage of time, captures a fluid and modern design.


    HENDER SCHEME started with a variation of G and H in 'GENDER SCHEME' in gender theory during psychology class.
    With the philosophy and free design of designer Ryo who wants to make products that are not gender-affected, all products are produced in small quantitieswith high quality through manual work.
    The leather of HENDER SCHEME has a deep color of the material, and it is transformed into a natural and soft form according to the flow of time, and itcaptures the sensibility and direction of the brand.


    HEREU is a Spanish brand that has brought together warm weather and natural landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea based on experiences in London and Paris by José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escriban.
    The collection is inspired by art, tradition, and popular culture, and is produced by local craftsmen using Spanish leather and has a high perfection.
    The functional design that combines the comfortable atmosphere of the Mediterranean with the classic color is attracting much attention.


    'HERERE' is a ceramic brand of Eunji Kim, which means ‘it looks white when it receives light’. Working on expressing the texture of the material with the theme of beautiful and organic lines of the form of things. Based on the ceramic work of Seoul Base, we are expanding our activities through various brands and creative activities, and continuing our brand by sharing and communicating our favorites.

  • HIBI

    HIBI means everyday or day by day in Japanese. The name is made with the hope that you can enjoy the scent freely and enjoy it according to your daily mood or situation. The brand pursues the original simple beauty and simple design rather than the splendor shown.

  • Hope

    HOPE is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 2001 by Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Soderberg.
    Based on the restrained Tayloring inspired by classic men's wear, it has a relaxed fit and a neutral feeling.
    Simple, modern detailing and understated silhouettes suggest a long-available look for everyone who wears it, without being affected by theflow of time.
    The achromatic, wearable and concise unisex design, which uses good materials, shows a modern Nordic sensibility.

  • Iko Iko

    IKOIKO is a LA-based project space that shows Kristin Dickson Okuda's clothing and accessories line 'Rowena Sartin' and his husband Shin's furniture line 'WAKA WAKA’. Based on the ideas and experiences inspired by architecture, we are bringing unique emotions. It is expressed in their own new design by melting into interior and fashion which is part of our life.

  • Incausa

    in·causa /in'kouza/ | Latin | 1. "In the cause of"
    “Incense based on totemism that contain the natural flavor” —— .

    Brooklyn based Incausa New York supplies indigenous plants and productions of Peru, Brazil, the United States and Nepali natives to the public. Founder Vinicius Vieira de Vieira introduces himself as a non-profit broker between modern society and indigenous peoples. This activity ultimately aims to create an infrastructure for indigenous peoples to preserve their lives.


    JADE PATON majored in sculpture and has been a potter based in Cape Town, South Africa since 2018.
    All works are handmade with a coiling technique that makes strings to go to clay and winds them up, transforming the shape and evolving into an unexpected shape, so you can feel the unique rough charm and naturalness.
    She mainly uses natural colors such as soil, earth, sky, and grass, adding value to the work with her own glaze technique made after various attempts.
    Inspired by nature, architectural design, contemporary art, and ancient ceramics, she pursues a subtle harmony between the old and the new, ancient and future, and aims for functional and artistic works that can be used for a long time.

  • Knobly Studio

    KNOBBLY STUDIO is a jewelry brand founded by Gitt Szwarc in Israel.
    Her design studies the curves of a person's face and the way jewelry interacts.
    For example, when a wearer moves, the appearance of the jewelery, the person's face, and the natural lines of the clavicle.
    Brand is collaborating with jewelery craftsmen with 40 years of experience and is showing an attractive line with her own perspective and concept every season.


    KYE INTIMATES is an innerwear brand founded by designer Bonita Kye in 2017 in California, USA. The inner wear, which is designed with the comfort of the wearer in mind, is made of high quality soft mesh material and minimalist design in a family-owned factory using 100% solar power. The soft, beautiful design is inspired by nature, museum vintage styles, and features a permanent collection line that can be worn continuously.

  • La Garconne Moderne

    LA GARCONNE MODERNE is a brand founded by Chris Kim, creative director of Sellec Shop LA GARCONNE, meaning 'modern boy' in French.
    Simple and essential designs are being made in the United States using the best materials in Japan and Italy.
    It is inspired by modern architecture and interior, but it shows boyish elegant sensibility and shows sensual design that can be worn continuously.

  • Nancy Kwon

    NANCY KWON is a ceramic artist who is active as a Los Angeles base.
    Inspired by ancient Korean ceramics and Japanese ceramics, we are reinterpreting and producing classical ceramic forms in a modern way.
    Her work is made of dishes, sculptures, bowls and traditional tea supplies that we can use comfortably, and the ceramics of smooth glaze are made in pure and unconscious forms, bringing the value of unique aesthetic beauty.

  • Norse Projects

    NORSE PROJECTS is a brand with basic and simple Nordic sensibility of creative director Tobia Sloth in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2004.
    Inspired by classical and street wear, it is designed with good materials and delicate finishing methods.
    Collaborating with various brands is making the brand's position, and the simplicity and delicate point that is not excessive is a wearable product for a long time and has attracted many people's attention to the present.

  • Nu Swim

    "Create sustainable, timeless pieces made with regenerated synthetics.“

    NU SWIM is a New York-based swimwear brand launched by Gina Esposito in California in 2015.
    Every season, her minimal and unique form in her collection adds a charming color to her design.
    All swimwear use recycle polyester, which is a high quality eco-friendly material made in Italy.
    Brands are important in sustainability and environmental protection, and they are putting the philosophy of designers who want to reflect it in their products through materials.

  • Martiniano

    MARTINIANO is a shoes brand founded by Martiniano Lopez Crozet and is designed and produced in Argentina.
    Based on the traditional Argentine loafers, inspired by medieval and 18th-century shoes, they are designed with changes using the shape of the brush and the heels.
    The perfect shoe components he thinks are good material, the shape of the last, comfortable fit and classic design, and balanced in MARTINIANO's shoes.
    All products use Kid Leather which is thin but hard and has less deformation.
    It was used in Italy in 1940 and is made as a handmade in Argentina. The process of hand-making is highly complete.

  • Max Lamb

    Max Lamb, a designer based in London, is inspiring many people in a variety of production ways.
    It shows various materials such as stone, concrete, and metal from nature in its original shape and beautifully shows the atypical design.

  • Maryam Nassir Zadeh

    Marim Nassir Zadeh, of New York base, has captivated people around the world with its classic, minimalist design and sensual color combination, and has gradually expanded its reach with firm brand identity.
    The elegant and practical design of MNZ shows the naturalness and luxury that is not decorated with pop color and detail.
    Every season's colorful silhouette of a feminine mood reflects a chic New York sensibility.

  • Moonstar

    MOONSTAR has been produced at the Kurume factory, the center of the rubber industry in Japan, based on technology and experience created in a long history since 1873.
    It is a Japanese shoes brand that produces shoes with confidence and pride with the goal of wearing comfortable shoes for each person wearing.
    When making shoes, sulfur is added to the rubber and heated to make the rubber elastically changed by attaching the brush and upper through a Vulcanized method.
    Their shoes have a flexible, soft grip and strong durability.
    They have collaborated with many fashion brands to date with delicate work and classic sneakers design of canvas material.

  • Paloma Wool

    PALOMA WOOL is a brand founded in Spain in 2014 by artist and designer Paloma Ranna.
    It is based in Barcelona and is being designed and produced directly, and shows a creative project working with various artists.
    The firm aesthetic sense and photography work of PALOMA WOOL talk about brand direction to many people and the brand itself becomes an art work with collections that are not restricted to the times and environment.

  • Rachel Comey

    Designer RACHEL COMEY started in New York in 2011 under her brand name.
    The first start was conceived as a men's wear brand, but many women started to purchase small sizes of men's wear, and the brand's women's wear line began.
    Currently, it is not only a garment but also a unique vintage feminine charm, showing accessories, bags and shoes lines, and is loved by healthy and beautiful women regardless of age.

  • Rus

    RUS is a knit-based brand developed in Galicia, Spain, with the ideas of two sisters.
    Based on their reliable relationship with the factory in Portugal adjacent to the Galician region, they are produced with their careful attentionand effort.
    Unique texture, color knitting material, sophisticated design, and high quality show sustainable fashion.
    They talk about the fluidity of nature and are inspired by the images of beautiful moments felt in art, architecture and design.
    The sensual suggestions of the RUS are based on their tactile and visual experiences.

  • Sandy Liang

    After graduating from Parsons University, Sandy Liang, a New York-based designer, had internship experiences at Jason Wu, Philip Lim, and Opening Ceremony and launched her brand SANDY LIANG in 2014.
    She expresses her own loveliness and beauty by unraveling a lot of inspiration from grandmothers when she was young and the fantasy she is currently agonizing over.
    Using bright colors and playful prints, you can feel the fantasy she is currently drawing and the future she is pursuing in many items such as an artificial teddy bear fur jacket, fabric dress, and reformed denim jeans.

  • Shaina Mote

    SHAINA MOTE is the name of the designer and a brand of LA base founded in 2012.
    She selects the material with a basic focus on sustainability and fit and designs a shape that balances surprise and functionality.
    SHAINA MOTE has been showing the characteristics of the brand with its elegant and unique asymmetric silhouette, dramatic yet casual feeling since its launch.


    SHALOM is producing a variety of objects based on handmade in 2020 with adventurous materials and functions. It is not a method of printing, but it is not standardized through direct hands, but contains interesting elements that have different forms and textures for each product. It is a brand full of various and interesting design objects such as LOGO VASE, daisy flower lighting, flower-shaped small bowl made in a unique logo form.

  • Sin

    SIN is a ceramic studio in Brooklyn Base, New York, founded in 2006 by ceramic artist Virginia Sin. All products inspired by everyday materials are handmade and have a minimal and fine texture. We have been continuously working on it so far to broaden our view of the combination and design of materials, and the warm ceramic color adds value as a life object that adds comfort.


    SIMON MILLER is a Los Angeles-based brand founded in 2007 by creative directors Chelsea Hansford and Daniel Corrigan. The basic form of design inspired by classicalness in the mid-21st century is expressed in bold colors and textures with the landscape of the western United States. The high quality materials such as France, Italy, Japan and the sophisticated look that can be produced in any style by using Simon Miller's playful color are attracting many people's attention.

  • Sophie Buhai

    SOPHIE BUHAI is a fashion jewelery brand named after designer Sophie Buhai. After graduating from Parsons Fashion School, she co-founded the fashion label VENA CAVA, then returned to Los Angeles and founded SOPHIE BUHAI in 2015. Since then, he has designed jewelry not only for his label but also for the collection of Lemaire and Maryam Nasir Zadeh. Focusing on the modern interpretation of traditional silver jewelry, she presents both experimental seasonal collections and classical styles using accent materials such as pearl, onyx, and Lapis, which are representative materials. Her collections, which transcend generations and trends, provide a harmonious balance between minimalism and surrealism based on the high quality through the delicate work of local craftsmen.

  • Special Interest Goods

    Special Interest Goods is a scented brand produced by the Arts Studios in Los Angeles based company. The herbs containing the beauty of things started to be made directly to present to friends and family. Think that the heart of the person who gives the gift and the heart of the person who receives the gift are important, and I curate the handmade with the speciality of SIG so that it can be a perfect gift.

  • Studio Nicholson

    STUDIO NIHCOLSON presented its first collection in 2010 by designer Nick Wakeman.
    In order to capture the perfection that designer Nick pursues, he is always working with skilled manufacturers in Italy,Portugal, Japan and the UK to focus on the best materials and details.
    STUDIO NIHCOLSON has an elegant silhouette and simple style in its collection every season, inspired by Japanesearchitecture, interior and culture, and shows it in a modern design of STUDIO NIHCOLSON.

  • Sun Buddies

    Sun Buddies is a premium unisex eyewear line from Swedish-based fashion brand Très Bien.
    In 1966, Ingrid Bergman's film "Persona" was inspired by sunglasses worn by actress Viv Andersson, expressing a modern and classical mood.
    Collaborating with designers, photographers, and artists, shows the style of putting various patterns and colors into the frame.
    It uses lenses from CARL ZEISS, a German company with Swedish acetate materials and global optical technology to provide 100% UV protection and perfect quality.


    SUNFLOWER was founded in 2018 and is a Danish manswear brand being led by Ulrik Pedersen, founder of menswear brand NN07, Martin Gjesing, former creative director of Akne Studios, and Beng Thornefors, who has gained experience in Saint Laurent. It is based on traditional tailoring and minimalist design, and uses high quality materials to show a collection of fashion trends and fashion trends that are changing every season with the aim of long-lasting everyday clothes. Modern style classic man's fashion uses its own beliefs and designs using outstanding colors, attracting attention not only from Copenhagen Fashion Week but also from all over the world every season.

  • TEAK

    TEAK is a designer brand of Seoul base that harmonizes the materials and colors inspired by nature. It means a hard tree, and it is gradually moving toward the direction of the brand like the roots of a tree growing straight. Fabric and edition lines designed based on Handwork, including natural dyeing that directly dye flowers and leaves, appeal to TEAK's identity.

  • Tembea

    TEMBEA is a Japanese brand that means "floating" in Swahili. TEMBEA is a brand that designs bags and other products that are suitable for everyday life. Create functional bags that can be used on a daily basis using canvas materials. The canvas material has the characteristics of softening as you use it, so the brand naturally aims to become a part of your life as you use your bag.


    It is a Seoul-based objet studio that explores the relationship between objects and ideas and realizes potential elements through intuition.
    Focusing on the task of giving an inner purpose, based on going against the nature-toolability of things.
    Through this process, objects enter private spaces and form ideological relationships with objects or self.
    THE EMPATHIST is based on minimalism, trying to find a way of expressing in a gradual evolution.



  • TOVE

    TOVE deals with Chinese tea and tea objects based on Guangzhou in the southern part of China, which has a subtropical climate. It introduces tea for a peaceful time where you can put everything down for a while, drink tea, and focus on yourself.
    It contains a simple but sincere heart so that it can be easily solved in everyday life, not a heavy and standardized car.


    TROENTORP is a Swedish brand founded in 1907 outside the small town of Bstad in southern Sweden, after its founder August Johansson learned skills from a local shoemaker for eight years. The history that has been going on for 100 years has developed and completed the production process over the years, and since 1942 it has expanded into family business with its sons, Borje and Stig. They are studying feet and feet, delivering specialties to people wearing clogs, and considering the design that suits modern customers with the importance of shoes. It provides wearers with the opportunity to feel the comfort of the clog, and has received much attention from New York, Tokyo, Paris, Stockholm and all over the world to date.


    TRUONGII is a Berlin based fashion brand founded in 2018, which blends colors harmoniously based on personal tastes. Garment tidai, hand knitting, and other products give a playful feeling and show delicate details through handicraft production. In the modern society that is becoming uniform, TRUONGII has its own unique self and is attracting attention in Berlin.

  • United Space of Solution

    United Space of Solution is a lifestyle brand launched by Lee Dong-il, CEO of Studio Unlabel, as a creative director.
    We are making the space and meaning that fit the taste of life with the elements of the desolate sense that is left deep inside people, the sense that evolves with our lives.
    In addition to lifestyle, it also plans, provides, and implements solutions needed for good space for the purpose of 'continuing evolution', and contains a multidisciplinary design to curate everyday life with modern ideas.

  • Workaday Handmade

    Workaday Handmade is being designed and created by its founder and artist Forest Lewinger, at Brooklyn Studios in New York.
    The natural shape and size of the hand make each shape and object appeal.



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